Chp 1–The Disciple (Scenes 2 and 3)

Parker’s Story #draft

Chapter 1 – The Disciple

Scene 2 – Sensei’s House

“How much do you know about computers, Parker?”
Sensei’s wife was beautiful, but she wasn’t very subtle.
“Mr. Lee knows next to nothing. Won’t you help him?”
“Well, don’t you think Sensei will want me get started on my practice?”
“Would you like some tea?”
Parker seemed unaware that he was staring.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Lee. No, thank you. Where is Sensei anyway?”
“The back porch… if you don’t help, he may be in need of practice himself.”
“Alice!” she called.
Parker’s eyes brightened. Laura Lee smiled at him charmingly as if to say “you’re a good boy, Parker”.
Just as he turned his shoulder to the sound of steps approaching the kitchen, he heard the familiar whisper.
“Follow me.”

Scene 3

“Where have you been?” asked the master.
“I was talking…”
“Do you know computers?”
“Well, kinda…”
“Good. Sit down.”
“Switch with me.”
Just that quickly, Parker was intrigued by a sketch of a temple and a black and white photo in a wood frame. It was a Japanese couple on the dance floor. She had a long flowing gown. He wore what looked like a military uniform. He knew a little history but didn’t quite a Japanese military uniform from an American one. Parker observed a majority of people of apparent Asian descent in the crowd, he made a guess that this was Master and Mrs. Lee.
“You need more practice.”
“I know.”
“Today, this is practice.”
He heard the teacher’s voice but saw a different color in the old man’s smile.
“Mrs. Lee says I need to be more organized. So I’m putting all of my records here. Alice is going away, so she can’t help me right now.”
“Good news: once you help me here, you’re done. But you have to promise me you will practice later.”

He couldn’t mean that, he thought to himself.
“It isn’t that you’re ready. It will make you ready.”

“I’m not sure I…”
“That is good. You need not be too sure of too many things.”
Sensei’s eyes were clear and steady. It was a look that reached him on a deeper level. It was a look that made him trust.